Next Decision for Jira

Backlog Prioritization making only "this or that" decisions between pairs of issues
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Next Decision for Jira is the perfect solution to prioritizing Jira issues

Our unique approach with a proprietary algorithm will match issues in pairs, reducing prioritization to a series of “this or that” decisions.

Next Decision for Jira - Backlog Prioritization making only

Prioritize Agile backlog, feature requests or business decisions

Instead of simple voting, which results in sub-par and biased decisions, Next Decision’s process forces people to make the hard choices to arrive to more robust decisions that the whole team can stand behind.

Voting screen of Next Decision for Jira

How to prioritize a backlog with Next Decision for Jira

Whether it’s one person or a whole team, Next Decision for Jira keeps the process fast and interactive:

  • Create a new session
  • Choose Jira issues to prioritize
  • Invite decision-makers to join the real-time session or choose a self-paced option
  • Everyone makes their choices between pairs of matched issues and submits their votes
  • A new round of choices is generated, and the voting repeats
  • When all the rounds are finished, the sorted list is presented
  • Adjust the results if needed (optional)
  • Push the sorted issues back to Jira (optional)
Creating a new Next Decision for Jira session

Prioritize your Jira backlog

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Making decisions is never easy, making them as a group is even harder. We are here to provide you with tools to help you make better, quicker, more transparent decisions. Next Decision uses a proprietary algorithm to match the best options to create the most accurate decisions.

Next Decision – Simplifying Decision Making!