Who are we?

Daniel Magal

Daniel has 20 years of experience in technology and management, supporting companies in the telecom, insurance and gaming industries. Daniel is using his knowledge and experience to support startups and teach students in University of Manitoba.

Jacob Gorban

Jacob Gorban

Jacob has been programming from childhood and started his first software business in 2006, where he was doing both product and business development. Jacob equally enjoys marketing and technical aspects of product development.

Aaron Kor

Aaron brings more than 15 years of development and product leadership experience. He has worked with startup-like companies, as well as established Fortune-500 organizations. Aaron had an opportunity to envision, design and lead the development of several enterprise grade products and services.

Why are we here?

Making decisions is never easy, making them as a group is even harder. We are here to provide you with tools to help you make better, quicker, more transparent decisions. Next Decision uses a proprietary algorithm to match the best options to create the most accurate decisions.

Next Decision – Simplifying Decision Making!