Simplifying Decision Making

Tired of endless discussions with your team trying to choose the best options from a list?

Reach group consensus quickly with our straightforward process, only making “this or that” choices.

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How it works?

  1. Create a new decision by listing all the options, like backlog issues, project features, email subject lines, product names, hiring candidates
  2. Invite your decision-makers to the voting room
  3. Next Decision will ask the participants to choose between pairs of options using a custom algorithm.
  4. You’ll get a sorted result after a few rounds of voting, depending on the list length and number of participants.

It’s that easy.
Click the “Make a decision” button above

Use cases

  • Backlog prioritization: choose JIRA tickets for the next sprint from the backlog (or use our Next Decision for Jira app)
  • Quickly run possible email campaign subject lines by your team members to select the best
  • Shrink a list of 250 product features to a shortlist of 15 a whole team can agree on
  • Avoid “Survey fatigue”, when designing one, by selecting the top 6 questions out of a list of over 40
  • Choose the most agreed-on tagline for your business after the brainstorming session
  • Decide on the next group activity, taking everyone’s choices into account

Want to learn what are the best ways to make a decision?
Check our guide on How To Make the Best Decisions.

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Better Group Decision Making

Decision-making, like problem-solving, is a group sport, not a solo sport. While adding more people to the team usually creates more ideas and decisions it usually does not add much to the process of identifying the best decision or option to be selected.